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Make your passion your profession

Level 1 in Wien

18. - 19. Jan
01. - 02. Feb
15. - 16. Mar

Tse Ho (Hong Kong)
"I am glad I attended the training. I have really enjoyed it - learning with this system and being part of an international community. Sheila and Lisa are selfless in sharing their knowledge and experience. They are open minded and willing to listen to others. They have been very accommodating with all students. This teacher training has to be one of the best I have ever done. The venue is excellent; the service exemplary. They are both true yogis. It has been great knowing them."

Join us for a wonderful week of intensive Aerial Yoga teaching in beautiful Austria. Dive deep into the practice and learn how to teach it to others. You will obtain an international certification and will be able to teach different styles of classes and build your own business! The whole course will be in English. Both teachers also speak German.

The BENEFITS of Aerial Yoga are found on many levels:

  • Experience a floating feeling of freedom and weightlessness.

  • Find more ease in your yoga practise

  • Achievable yoga poses for all ages and body types

  • Find more flow while partially or fully supported by the fabric.

  • The soft and silky touch of the aerial yoga fabric makes feel cozy and protected.

  • Have more fun and find more playfulness.

  • Sink deeper into every asana with control

  • Find more release and relaxation

  • Increase your flexibility gradually.

  • Develop strength and work on your power flow.

  • Experience a deep and full breathing.

The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is a 50 hours intensive courseand internationally acknowledged. You will get familiar with this exciting and very popular style of yoga which is a beautiful fusion of different movement arts like aerial artistic, Hatha yoga, flow yoga, acrobatics and Nuad (Thai massage) put together in a holistic and healthy concept.

This Aerial yoga teacher training consists of the following TEACHING ELEMENTS:

  • Aerial warm-up flows

  • Aerial strength and conditioning

  • Aerial inversion flows

  • Aerial acrobatic flows

  • Aerial partner yoga

  • Aerial restorative & relaxation

During this teacher training you will LEARN

  • a wide rage of different aerial yoga positions (asanas) supported by the yoga aerial fabric / hammock.

  • how to create a fluid aerial yoga class.

  • how to safely teach aerial yoga to others.

  • how to professionally set up your aerial yoga equipment.

  • everything about the Aerial Yoga equipment.

  • how to build your own business and start a new career.

The Aerial Flow Yoga teacher MANUAL includes:

  • Over 100 colored photographs, graphics and illustrations

  • Background information about Aerial Yoga

  • Detailed descriptions in every chapter

  • Benefits and contra-indications of every asana

  • Teaching methodology

  • Different class structure and class sample plans

  • Detailed technical information about equipment safety

  • Set up instructions for different buildings / studios


  • International teaching certification

  • Teaching manual in german or english

  • 7 days / 50 hours of intensive teaching theory and practice


  • Regular fee: € 980,- / Early bird fee: € 890,- 

  • For Early Bird: Full payment 

  • Pre-payment: € 300 to secure your spot (non-refundable)

  • To be paid to Aerial Yoga Vienna

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